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5 levels of AI automation for your business

June 26, 2024 16:00 CET


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The webinar will cover

  • Exploring Automation Tools
    Discover the latest AI-powered automation tools to help your business achieve greater productivity and efficiency.


    Understanding standard operating procedures in Automation
    Learn how AI can streamline and optimize SOPs to improve consistency and reduce errors.

  • The 5 Levels of Automation
    Gain insights into the different stages of automation maturity, from basic task automation to fully autonomous operations.

  • Real-World Examples of Intelligent Automation
    See practical examples of how leading companies are implementing intelligent automation to solve complex challenges and stay ahead of the competition.

Meet our speakers


Martin Jokub

Founder of AI Masters Agency, creator of the AI Masters Voice podcast

Martin is a Digital Business Architect with over 25 years of experience, he specializes in AI-driven marketing strategies and intelligent solutions that transform businesses. His expertise in full-stack digital marketing has attracted over 300,000 B2B leads and helped scale numerous tech and education projects. Martin's strategic insights and innovative approach empower companies to navigate the digital landscape with impactful AI tools and custom solutions.


Viktoriia Abed

Chief Revenue Officer at Pitch Avatar

14 years of work experience in international B2B business. Since 2010 works in Tech and SaaS industries, with 13 years of experience in Marketing + 6 years in Sales.

Headed marketing & sales departments in Adobe Systems Inc., Allbiz, Weblium, and Bitrix24 Ukraine.



Pitch Avatar

Pitch Avatar is an AI-based platform for making your slides interactive and delivering them in the most effective way to grow the number of leads, demo calls, and user engagement with your sales, marketing, onboarding, training, and other content.

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